Faster Sorting in C#

C# has several built-in algorithms for sorting arrays, lists and other containers. Array.Sort and List.Sort have many variations for sorting full or partial containers, using an algorithm that runs on a single CPU core. The Linq library can also sort containers, using a single CPU core or multiple cores in parallel. These are powerful, flexible, […]

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High Performance C#

C# is a wonderfully powerful object oriented language with support for many modern constructs, supporting variety of abstractions, managed environment, numerous libraries, with one of the most enjoyable and productive development environments. At each level of abstraction, as one of my friends reminded me, we can loose performance, such as when going from assembly language […]

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High Performance Parallel C#

C# provides a powerful set of algorithms for standard containers, such as array and List, when you add “using System.Linq;” statement to your code. Arrays and List containers gain such functionality as Sort, Equal, Sum, Union, Where, Min, Max, First, Last, and so on. For instance, these make it simple to find the minimum element […]

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Parallel Algorithms in C#

C# is a wonderful programming language, evolving quickly. Microsoft has pushed C# into parallel programming by adding the Task Parallel Library, simplifying development of efficient parallel algorithms.  In this blog I’ll describe the parallel library that I’ve developed, with some excellent preliminary results. Preliminary Performance Results Parallel Sorting is running more than 2X faster than […]

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Indianapolis Video Heritage

With the possibility of Amazon choosing Indianapolis for its second headquarters, many have written about the benefits of Indy’s tech scene. I ran across a wonderful article a few days ago in the Indianapolis Monthly which inspired this blog. This article talked about variety of Indianapolis legacies that have shaped and are shaping the city’s […]

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Memory Hierarchy Bandwidth

This is a reprint of my Dr. Dobb’s article from May of 2004. Yet, it is still relevant today, with memory bandwidth within the memory hierarchy being critical to reaching full performance potential. Optimization often demands diving into system memory and processor cache. Intel architecture CPUs are made of several parts working together to execute […]

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