Stereoscopic Imaging of Scanning Tunneling Microscope

In graduate school one of my favorite topics to work on, with one of my graduate advisors (Dr. Robbins) at North Carolina State University (NCSU), was rendering stereoscopic (3-D) images. Several of these rendered images are posted below. The sample data comes from a scanning tunneling microscope and atomic force microscope, provided by the Material Science department of NCSU. If you have red-blue glasses handy, these 3-D images are fun.

This 3-D stereoscopic image is of gold atoms:


Here is just the left-eye image:


This 3-D stereoscopic image is of an emzyme:


Here is the left-eye image:


This 3-D stereoscropic image is of graphite:


Here is the left-eye image:



These images were presented at SPIE (International society for optics and photonics) conference, in the 3-D stereoscopic section.

More Details:

The rendering engine was written mostly by me in C, though I didn’t write the core of the triangle shader. This software rendering engine is capable of traingulation of sample data, followed by Phong, Gouraud and flat shading of these triangle. Complete 3-D rotations and perspective are supported, as well as generation of left and right images. Flight path can also be specified to generate a fly through.


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