Source NuGet Packages From Your Local Drive

.NET developers rely on many NuGet packages to extend functionality of the software they create. These NuGet packages can come from variety of NuGet repositories on the web, or corporate intranets. They can also come from the local hard drive on your computer. I’ll show you how to set this up in this blog.

Most likely the largest NuGet repository is The most popular package is “Newtonsoft.Json”, which has been downloaded over 105 million times. This package helps .NET developers process JSON formatted data easily. Currently, has over 105 thousand packages. Visual Studio 2017 is configured by default to use as the default NuGet repository.

NuGet packages are simply zip files…

Companies and other organizations can also run their own NuGet repositories to provide packages for their own organizations. These repositories can be added in Visual Studio 2017 and referenced just like

As an individual developer, at times you would like to have NuGet packages that you’ve downloaded to your computer, be available to use for projects. VisualStudio enables this thru the NuGet Package Manager, and it’s pretty simple to setup. Go to Tools->NuGet Package Manager, and select the little gear (Settings) icon to the right of the Package Source pull down (on the right side of the user interface). Click on the plus sign, on the top right of the user interface, and fill in the “Name” and the “Source” fields with something like “My Local NuGet Repo” and “C:\NuGet” as the directory where you’ve places the NuGet packages.

To use these local NuGet packages, select “My Local NuGet Repo” in the Tools->NuGet Package Manager->Package Source pull down, which is right next to the little gear (Settings) you used above. Click on the Browse tab, and all of the local packages should appear, just like packages in the non-local NuGet repositories.


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